Welcome to Ventus

We exist everyday, to inspire leadership and greatness, in the people and companies we interact with..
The sum of our experience and expertise is put in to, providing business solutions. We define a solution as a mutually shared answer to a recognized problem, and the answer provides measurable improvement.

Our operations are through two business units, namely Managed Security Services, and Professional Services.

Our area of play is Information Security, Risk and Governance.

Ventus ICT team is dedicated to resolving unique threats that we see in the marketplace, our teams have also dedicated a lot of time to come up with working solutions against known threats like, Ransomware, Data Leakage, Phishing, Availability etc. Beyond defense, we also have tools which allow businesses to gain visibility, meet compliance, and lower their overall IT Security costs.

Professional Services. Services includes those services or consulting that are for a specified duration and deliverable, most commonly for a relatively short period of time, often as the result of some outside occurrence like a regulatory audit, security incident, or new information system. Examples include:

Security Solutions Installation/ Best Practice Verification.
• Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Consulting
• Emergency Response Services
• Secure Coding Consulting
• Advanced Persistent Threat Remediation
• Network Penetration Testing
• Application Penetration Testing

We draw our experience, from the cumulative experience of over 45 years in Information Risk Security and Governance risk and compliance of its founding directors. In addition the past six years of the company’s’ existence have seen us engage with a wide range of customers in the East African region.